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Kabab Hindi
Baked kebab with tomato & onions.
Baked phyllo dough stuffed with seasoned rice, green peas & nuts.
Served per piece.
Grape Leaf Roll Ups
Mouthwatering traditional dish. Grape leaves filled with ground beef & rice, rolled & slowly cooked with lemon sauce.
Served per 4 pieces.
Fried Beef Kibbeh Balls & Vegetarian Kibbeh
Fried Beef Kibbeh Balls: Signature dish. A mix of ground beef & cracked wheat, football-shaped, then stuffed with ground beef, onions & pine nuts.
Vegetarian Kibbeh: Cracked wheat, foot-ball shaped, then stuffed with carrots, green peas, walnuts & onions.
Served per two items.
Roasted Green Wheat Stew (Farikeh)
A mix of farikeh (wheat) & green peas, topped with grilled chicken thighs & fried almond.
Kibbeh Braised in Yogurt
Baked kibbeh balls, braised in yogurt and rice.
Served per two items.
Lentils & Bulgur (Mjadara)
Lentils & bulgur, topped with caramelized onions.
Okra Stew (Bamieh)
Based on tomato sauce slow cooked with lamb & spices, served with seasoned rice.


Date (Maamoul) Cookies
Handcrafted cookies, filled with ground date & rosewater mix.
Pistachio (Maamoul) Cookies
Handcrafted cookies, filled with pistachio & rosewater mix.
Walnut (Maamoul) Cookies
Handcrafted cookies, filled with walnut & rosewater mix.
Warbat is an ancient traditional Syrian pastry made with pistachio homemade syrup.